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Our proven investment strategies target assets that deliver both income and growth

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With offices Europe-wide, we are able to take a hands-on approach to acquisitions and asset management

Recent news

PERE Roundtable: More money, more problems2015

The battle for talent is just one of the challenges presented by the 'wall of money' that has entered Europe over the past 12 months.

Pricing in 2015: hot or not?2015

Prime yields are almost back to 2007 levels, a year many in the property industry would wish to forget. Is the market overheated? We think not.

Triumph of the City Winter 2014

Finally, people want to live and work in Berlin

Cities offer higher earnings and longer life expectancy. They generate more ideas, amenities and culture and allow people to connect. This article looks at key characteristics of a successful city – and in particular, Berlin.