Investment strategy

With over 30 years experience of investing into the highly fragmented and constantly evolving European real estate market, Rockspring is uniquely placed to help investors identify and capitalise on new opportunities. While our acquisition activities are largely guided by the unique strategies and risk profiles of each of our funds, all of our activities share an 'income and growth' investment strategy based on the following principles:

Research-aided, empirically supported transactions and management

  • Europe-wide knowledge
  • Over 30¬†years experience of what 'works'
  • Local, on the ground investment and asset management expertise

Buying for value

  • Thoughtful implementation to address client-specific requirements
  • Emphatic focus on income and value enhancement
  • The long-term compound effect of cashflow

Managing for performance

  • Real estate highly responsive to active management
  • Every asset has its specific business plan
  • Focus on real estate, not financial engineering

Timely sales to secure results

  • Quarterly assessment vs business plan
  • Annual look-forward IRR prognosis
  • Annual hold / sell discipline