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Similar but not the same Apr 2016

After a couple of years of strong real estate returns in Europe and record low yields in prime property, there is a slight sense of déjà vu. Achievable returns on transactions at current yields are not dissimilar to those underwritten in 2007. And this has raised some concerns — does this mean that we are back in 2007? Is this the beginning of a new crisis?

No bubble, no crash Jan 2016

The European real estate market in 2015 looks exciting. The economic recovery is picking up, total returns have been very strong over the previous two years and a growing number of markets are reaching record-low yields. Is this going to lead to a price stabilisation, a correction, a slump or maybe a crash?

PERE Roundtable: The cost of mass appeal Oct 2015

German prime yields are still heading south after compressing significantly already in recent years. Stuart Watson hears how the country’s perception as a safe-haven for international investors means the trend could well continue.